Pop Up Comedy Club

Pop Up Comedy Club


The Pop Up Comedy Club literally POPS UP in your work environment in minutes and gives your employees a spontaneous blast of hilarious stand-up comedy. With a simple stage, backdrop and a spotlight, your workplace is transformed into a mini comedy club hosted by award winning comedian, Gary Eck.


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Humour can boost staff productivity and well being. Happy employees are more motivated, learn faster and are more relaxed. People who laugh together, grow together!

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A burst of laughter triggers more than four hundred muscles and releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins. One minute of laughter is equivalent to 45 minutes of relaxation! Not a bad way to chill.

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So what not give your staff what they are waiting for and what your business needs?

Promote peak performance with humour! Book Pop Up Comedy Club today and bring laughter, smiles and increased productivity to your work environment.



Comedy shows can be tailored to suit your needs.

They run for 15 minutes to 30 minutes or longer if required.


Pop Up shows can be arranged for first thing in the morning to kick start the day or to pump up a sales meeting just after lunch or why not unwind with some laughs at the end end-of-week social drinks and invite some clients?

  And if you have lots of staff on different levels,

Pop Up can deliver a show just for them too!


Pop Up Comedy Club takes very little time to set up and can be adapted to any size work environment. You can even surprise your staff without them knowing.


Gary Eck's shows are clean, professional and of course, very funny.



Find out who really is the office clown.

It's time for your staff to be the stars of the show!

During the 2 hour workshop employees will learn the ins and outs

of how to perform and write their own material.

It's a great way to bring the team together and share a laugh

and learning stand-up skills is great for mastering public speaking.

And you never know, the world’s next great stand-up

could be hiding in the accounting department!”



Gary is an accomplished stand-up comedian, actor, writer and film director.

He has performed all around the world from Singapore to Paris, to New York and London and has done comedy shows at the Edinburgh, Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals. Gary is a sought after corporate MC and has worked alongside some of the biggest companies in Australia.

Gary has made numerous television appearances including Spicks and Specks, The Footy Show, The Nation and The Comedy Channel.

Gary co-wrote and co-directed Happy Feet Two with Academy Award winner George Miller. He also voiced several characters for the film.  

Gary won the world’s largest short film competition, Tropfest, with his short, The Money and took second place two years prior with his comedy short Tragic Love.  Eck co-wrote and starred in the cult hit You Can’t Stop the Murders and featured in the film Boytown alongside Mick Molloy and Glen Robbins.

Gary currently has two feature films in development and created a kids animation series, VEGESAURS which screens on  ABC TV and iView from May 23rd, 2022.

And just when you thought the bragging was over, Gary has written two children’s picture books, Wake Up Sleepyhead and The Day the Moon Came to Stay (Scholastic, due 2023) .

Gary can be heard regularly on Richard Glover’s Thank God It’s Friday on ABC 2.

Watch Gary Eck Live at Sydney Opera House

Watch Gary Eck Live at Sydney Opera House

Gary had the audience in the palm of his hand. Very professional, funny till it hurt and a fabulous result!

Louise Schweikert, CI Events

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